From the mind of a creative woman with a background in architecture, having been a beneficiary of multiple after school activities like singing, theatre, Red Cross, etc. She describes herself as an education enthusiast, who is passionate about the development of the young minds.

She has expressed her creative abilities in Interior Design, Events decor, singing, acting, etc, and has also earned income in through these platforms. Kub Konekt was birth because of her belief in raising well rounded Leaders, with emphasis on the Young minds. Kub Konekt is here to support academics, through various forms of fun and engaging processes of discovery and growth.

Seeing young ones do extraordinary things, and get fulfilled with their innate skills outside school work is our prized passion.

At Kub Konekt, we believe that young ones if immersed in creativity can live out loud by exploring the good parts of their lives. We provide proper guidance to make every child know that “I can do anything” – that limitless mindset. We also work in partnership with parents who are their first teachers, to make this creative education worthwhile.

We groom them to sharpen their talents and get skilled, become equipped to add value and do the job they love. We do not believe any child should be caught up in an unemployment situation as adults, so we make education functional by working with every child to harness their certifications from school and who they are from within while birthing who they can become.
Providing fun, engagement, creative mentorship through edutainment to our target audience – which are the young minds in our society, parents and guardians who need to keep their kids busy in the right direction, as well as organizations who have consistent interactions with the young minds is our core. At KUB KONEKT we groom the total person, one young mind at a time.